Welcome one and all! This here’s my blog/website/whatever (hang on a sec, I dropped my cig while simultaneously knockin’ over my beer.) This website shall dazzle you with sumptuous delights of music, comedy, art, and high drama plus whatever else my not so esteemed colleagues/contributors are willing to impart. Yes friends, you have chosen wisely in visiting my site! If you like deep, tormented and soul-searching thoughts you’ve come to the wrong place. (Say, ya ever pickup a brewski thinking it’s full yet it turns out to be empty resulting in what I like to call a “Loser Loop” right in the middle of your forehead?)

Anyway, here’s a few ground rules…

  • Smoking weed at this site is permissible as long as you’re in a state that has legalized marijuana and don’t say stuff like “I LOVE YOU MAN!”.
  • I’m shooting for a higher-end readership and will thusly discourage readers from engaging in activities such as quoting Joan Baez, Susan Sontag, Barney the Friendly Dinosaur and other commies. (DAMMIT! There goes the beer again.) Chuck and I have already posted a few select pieces for your perusal and enjoyment. If you don’t like ’em, it’s his fault. However if you do like ‘em, I’m here to hornswaggle all the credit.
  • I encourage readers to leave comments and send e-mails as you like. You know, stuff like “You guys are morons!”, “Get a job losers!” and other witty repartee.

(U gotta be kidding me. Is there a world record for the most beers knocked over while typing a webpost?)

At any rate, please enjoy.



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